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Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion occurs as a result of oxygen and moisture present in the environment. We eliminate this issue by fully encapsulating assets within our gas-tight SecurePacs and lowering the oxygen and moisture content within. 


This creates an altered atmosphere that prevents corrosion such as rust, mold and mildew - indefinitely.


Air Force ISU-90 Container loaded on SecurePac



Same ISU-90 in SecurePac

Compactable, transportable, set up in minutes

Storage and Transport

The materials that we use are durable, stackable, and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. 


Whether transported by land, air, or sea, SecurePacs keep contents protected from external elements. This occurs as all SecurePacs are gas and water tight - meaning the sealed unit's interior environment will remain unaffected by outside conditions until opened, extending shelf-life and increasing readiness of assets. 



Tamper Evidence

We want you to be able to keep your assets safe. With Plank Road Technology's airtight zipper and vacuum sealing design, you will immediately know if your unit has been tampered with. 


Once conditioned with our LOC System, the SecurePac conforms to the shape of its contents. If the unit is unsealed, air will fill the area inside, and it becomes obvious that your SecurePac has been opened. 

One-way flow valves are used for vacuum sealing

The liquid and gas-tight zipper system keeps all contents contained

Hazardous Material Containment

Spills are often inevitable, but can be extremely harmful to the environment and pose a safety hazard to those nearby. 


All SecurePacs are customized based on the environment in which it will be used - and the materials it will contain.  The contents within the SecurePac's -  chemicals, pyrophoric substances, and other hazardous cargo will be safely contained inside. 


Even if combustion occurs, fire cannot be supported within the conditioned SecurePac.

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Fire Prevention

Fire requires oxygen to form. An inadequate supply  eliminates the possiblity of fire. 


Ambient air consists of approximately 21% oxygen, but with our LOC System, we are able to lower the oxygen concentration in the SecurePac to less than 1% - preventing fire completely.




Not only is the SecurePac impermeable to water and vapor, but we also remove humidity with the LOC System

Humidity Control

Humidity can have many detrimental consequences including mildew formation, warped materials, and the saturation of equipment that must remain dry. 


Our LOC System removes humidity from the SecurePac and prevents moisture from entering, ensuring that your assets will remain protected in a sustained low humidity environment.

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