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The SecurePac

SecurePac are durable, reusable, and gastight enclosures that fully encapsulate assets susceptible to corrosion. They are, in effect, weatherproof, mobile shelters that withstand the punishing effects of handling while sheltering your goods from the external environment. We utilize military grade valves, hermetically sealed zippers, and custom materials based on our clients' needs and environment. The SecurePac far surpasses all other protective coverings - by far.


- Berry Compliant

- Gas and Liquid Tight

- Tamper Evident Design

- Stackable, Reusable, & Compactible

- Inflation/Deflation Valves

- Custom Sized and Individually Tested


- Weather Protection in any Climate

- Reduced Storage Footprint

- Hazardous Material Containment

- Storage and Transport


LOC System
Hermetically Sealing Zipper
One-Way Flow Valve

The LOC System

The Low Oxygen Content (LOC) System is a portable, self-powered system that reduces oxygen within the SecurePac while also removing humidity and particulates. The result is a long-term, steady internal environment that prevents oxidation-related corrosion such as rust, mold and mildew. Once connected, the LOC System not only removes damaging elements, but also vacuum seals contents.  After oxygen percentage has been lowered, the LOC System is disconnected from the SecurePac. The result is a mobile, compacted, tamper evident storage unit that extends the shelf-life and readiness of assets. 



Valve and Hose Adapter
Digital Oxygen Readout

- Removes oxygen, humidity and particulates

- Prevents rust,mold and mildew

- Self-powered, Mobile system - ideal for remote locations

- Digital Screen Readout

- One Button Function


- Corrosion Sensitive Materials

- Lithium Batteries

- Mildew Prone Fabrics

- Electronics

- Pyrophoric Catalysts

- Pharmaceutical Equipment

- Flammable Materials

- Long Term Storage and Transport 

Additional Applications
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